10 rules all adult scooter riders should know

Hello.  Welcome to the revolution. www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

May we congratulate you on not only investing in the best quality adult electric scooter on the market but for taking the decision to use your scooter as part of your daily routine.

Whether you are scooting to the station in the morning, along with the children on the school run or as a way of completing every day errands you know just how much time and money you will save by scooting.


But how to prepare for your first ever scooter journey? www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

Panic not.  Our 10 tips will leave you a connoisseur of all things scooter in no time at all.


  1. Be polite to other pavement users www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

We are not your mother and know you already have the manners of a saint – just extend those good manners when you are scooting.  Get off your scooter if the pavement is too congested or when a group of people are coming the other way, don’t zip in and out of pedestrians and always stop at kerbs.


  1. See and be seen www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

If you are scooting in early morning or evening light consider fixing a light to your scooter.  This ensures you can see and be seen by other pavement users.


  1. Stop at the kerb www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

We know you know this.  Just remember to firmly press your brake (not drag your foot along the ground) in plenty of time before the kerb so as not to frighten car users.


  1. Walk your scooter across the road

Instead of scooting across lanes of traffic.


  1. Slow down over uneven ground

This is for your safety and the well being of other pavement users.  If the ground becomes unsteady or rocky change your JOOPScooter gear to slow down to allow plenty of time for you to stop the scooter with your brake if required. Visit www.lightsforbikes.co.uk for high quality lights


  1. Wear hi-visibility clothing

Especially when scooting on darker evenings or in busy car-jammed areas. This allows you to be seen by pavement and road users.


  1. Consider a helmet

We recommend all scooter riders wear a helmet for safety but also understand, in the case of adults using scooters, this is an entirely personal decision.


  1. Scoot on the inside of the pavement www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

As opposed to the side nearer the roadside.


  1. Keep your scooter maintained www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

It takes only a couple of minutes to complete safety checks on your JOOPSscooter. This includes checking the brake is free from mud of grit and ensuring the wheels of your scooter turn freely and your accelerator is working.


  1. Have fun! www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

Scoot with a smile on your face knowing you are saving some money, cutting down your journey times and looking after the environment.  Surely all that is worth a few raised eyebrows as you JOOPScoot on by.


Do you have any tips to share about your daily scooter routine?  Let us know in the comments below? www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk