Sick of smelling someone else’s armpit on the tube/tram every morning? 

Tired of fighting over car parking spaces at your office?

Downcast about spending another lunchtime at your desk watching the crumbs of your Pret sandwich fall miserably on to your keyboard?

Stop! There’s no need to feel this way any more.

Start using an fast electric scooter as part of your journey to work and it might just change your life for the better – really.

The average person will take 20 minutes to walk 1 mile and only 4 minutes to scoot


Think of the time you could save by scooting to your office from your home/train station. Scooting instead of elbowing your way on to a packed tube carriage is not only a more pleasant way to get around town but also saves you money on your Oyster card.

Look, how easy and quick it easy to scoot between tube stations…

eco-friendly fast electric scooter

Scooting allows you to take your hour’s lunch break


Did you know only 30% of UK employees take their full lunch break? 48% of people say not taking their lunch break affects their productivity. Don’t be the 70% #break4lunch instead using your scooter and explore the world around you, run your errands, get some fresh air and feel great about yourself.



Fast Electric Scooter are portable and lightweight


Which makes them easy and simply to carry and transport. They fold which means you can store them under your desk at work or on the luggage rack on a train. All this means you won’t be the folding bicycle person who is tutted at for taking up too much room on the train. It also means you don’t have to wear Lycra. A win in anyone’s book.


So will you be JOOPScooting back to work on an electric kick


Let us know in the comments below



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*Offer expires 31 December 2016