TEST: One week commuting with JOOPScooter | The Urban Electric Scooter

The electric revolution is finally here. There are electric car charge points springing up around the UK and the range of electric vehicles on offer has rocketed sky high too. www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk

Just a decade ago there were barely any electric vehicles around, apart from Tesla, who launched their very first prototype Roadsters in late 2006, and it wasn’t until 2010 when Nissan joined the party with the Leaf, that’s when things heated up. Then came BMW i3, Renault Twizy, Porche 918 and La Ferrari. It has quickly became clear that electric vehicles are the future, but where does that leave city commuters who are keen to experience the new world of electric transport? Well, look no further, JOOPScooter is here! www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk


JOOPScooter – The Urban Scooter Road Test  www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk


There are a handful of fairly impressive electric motorbikes around, but these mainly need full motorbike license, which is a bit more of a commitment than topping up your Oyster card. 


However, there is a whole new two-wheeled machine that has been electrified just recently called the JOOPScooter. I took to the streets on a cutting-edge electric scooter to find out whether commuting without public transport is possible and if it takes a lot of effort.


None of this so-called ‘hoverboard’ nonsense here… JOOPScooter is a proper scaled up scooter for adults with a smartly hidden electric motor. It wights only 7.5 kg and will take 125kg load for 20 miles just in one 3-4 hours charge and it is only £499! The ingenious part is.. it looks just like a normal non-electric scooter, it has a small LCD screen on steering wheel that will tell you your speed, your total distance, your distance since last switch on and much more! As well it has sleek LED light in front to keep you safe and see others and to bee seen as well. The electric turbines only start once you’ve manually kicked scoot, that saves you from any accidents where you would accelerate by mistake. What is even better, it has regenerative breaking system, which gives your battery a little boost each time you break. What about hills, you ask? The speed crops up surprisingly easily so you can handle those ramps with ease. 



Can you REALLY commute on an JOOPScooter?



So I started my journey, as you do, from my doorstep to the tube station to head to my office in Covent Garden. Usually it takes me around 11 minutes to walk to the station I really need to calculate my time, or I will have to wait for another train for 15 minutes. With the JOOPScooter it takes me just over 2 minutes + 3 second to fold my scooter in half. It has ‘one click’ fold system for easy and compact portability, so it doesn’t take up much space on the train and it being 7.5kg is easy to move it out of the way, not like those annoy foldable bicycles. JOOPScooter comes with a carrier bag, but I personally choose to just roll it along on one wheel while on the underground and use the bag while storing it under my desk in the office.


On the other hand the JOOPScooter range is upto 20 miles from one charge, so I could easily enough cross the town and recharge my battery while at work, as the charger is really compact and light and would fit in a small handbag (saying it as a lady myself!). 


One day I didn’t bring my charger and I thought I would have to manually help my scooter to get home, but to my surprise I have noticed a super positive point, even when my battery is showing one bar after miles and miles of scooting around, my scooter is still going 19-20 kmph at ease!


JOOPScooter is honestly the best gadget I have ever owned, it not only makes my commuting easy, it makes those days when you have to go from A to B to C to D so fast and easy, I can’t understand how I survived before! Thank you JOOPScooter, you have passed my one week commuting challenge with 5 stars! www.cbdgolddrops.co.uk